Civitavecchia, Rome (Lazio)

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Rome is a city that has a lot to offer, a city rich in spirituality where you can go to discover the most beautiful churches in the world and where you can also reach the Vatican and all its memorable treasures. Rome is a city rich in works of art, especially religious art of course, but also the best contemporary art. Rome is a city with many archaeological sites of rare beauty and great historical importance, immersing in antiquity and throughout the heritage of traditions handed down to us. There are also wonderful nature parks, amusement parks, areas dedicated for shopping sprees, the famous Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain and typical restaurants, simply a city with a thousand facets.

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Among the most interesting included excursions:

Rome Excursion in a day, this tour allows you to visit all the sights and major attractions of the city that are famous with no queues and no long waits so you will not lose any precious moments of your day.

Christian Rome tour designed for those who are only interested in the spiritual side of Rome, to its’ immense churches, works of sacred art and of course the Vatican.

These are just a few examples of some excursions that you can decide to take to Rome. We at Private Excursions, have the ability to customize your trip as you see fit. Discuss with us and together we will create a travel schedule that is ideal for your needs touching all the places that interest you the most or lengthening the span a couple more days if you wish to reach other locations nearby.

Excursions available from Civitavecchia Port and from Rome Hotels and B&B

Rome in a day
Rome in a day

No time wasted, no unexpected, no waiting, thanks to us, you will simply hop in a luxury car and let yourself be driven by a driver around the city.

Christian Rome
Christian Rome

Even in one day only, you can reach the most interesting churches and immerse yourself in their atmospheres rich in history, charm and spirituality.


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